About Us

Grace (Yuhong) Bi, is a licensed mortgage broker, financial security adviser, Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), and Project Management Professional (PMP). She attended Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto where she studied Master of Business Administrations (MBA).
  • Over 10 years' experience in commercial and residential mortgage
  • Background of M.B.A of University of Toronto, Mortgage Broker, AMP
  • Access to over 50 banks/financial intuitions
  • Best solutions for self-employed, low income, poor credit, new immigrants and foreigners

Working as an independent consultant allows Fortune Effect Financial to give you expert advice based on all financial institutions best rates. This gives you the freedom to have a customized plan designed from a wide range of sources.

Representing the top 1 percent.


"Grace is always the best person to go for a home mortgage application. I say this from a personal experience after I dealt with other mortgage brokers and saw the big difference and eventually came back to her. I like a broker that can understand your concerns and answer your questions precisely and communicate clearly.

I've already recommended a few friends who need a mortgage solution  to her. In these days it's very important that you go for the right people for a mortgage solution otherwise you'll be stressed out when the closing day approaching and you still have your mortgage pending. 

Grace keep up the good work and Stay Classy for your business! "

        - Kangle

"I met Ms. Bi when I bought my first house in Canada. After comparing with several other agents, I chose her because I was convinced by her personal character. She is a woman with extraordinary vibrancy and extraordinary knowledge, and especially, she is so intelligent. Afterwards, I also realized I finally found a good consultant after being cheated  by many other unconscionable agents. Haha, My previous experience was a long story like many new immigrants.
Now I have passed my mortgage, family insurance, and fund investment to her and I am no longer worry about family finance. In addition, we also become good friends and often share information on every aspect.  I sincerely hope her business is prospering.     

- Yue S. “


           “Grace delivers what she promised. We approached her by her advertisement that she solves difficult cases, and yes, she did! She is trustworthy!

    -   Kevin “

         "Grace is a seasoned mortgage broker, who is very knowledgeable about mortgage business and who always puts her customer's interest first. When I apply for a mortgage through her, Grace always responds to my requests timely and keeps me informed along the approval process. She plays an important role in a closing process. Furthermore, she has a reliable team to support her. Her assistant, Karen, is very poliet and respectful to the customers she is very patient when explaining procedures and requirements to me. It is absolutely a pleasure to work with Grace and her team.

            - Ting "